Title:      ON THE EDGE

GENRE: New Adult Romance

WORD COUNT:  81,000

Collegiate champion, figure skater, Trace Hayward, is convinced there’s something wrong with her V-dar when she finds out she has fallen madly in love with the wrong man of her dreams. When twenty-year old, Trace, walks in on him in bed with someone else—one of the running backs from his football team, her heart shatters. After he convinces her a night of tequila shots will fix all their problems, transferring to another university is the only way Trace can escape the choice she made to follow the rest of his suggestions that night; the night that changed her life.


Her fresh start has her sworn off athletes and relationships. She’s going to focus strictly on her studies and figure skating–– until a hot-as-the-sun hockey player enters the rink. He’s pretty to look at but she’s supposed to be done with cocky athletes, especially ones with rude ice etiquette.


Captain of the hockey team Dakota Andersen lost the love of his life in a tragic accident. Struggling to get past his responsibility for her death and forget his lost love—he turns to every puck bunny that comes his way to help ease the pain. Being a player wasn’t his goal, but one-night stands keep his mind off the past and his heart protected. But when a feisty spitfire collides with him at the rink, he wonders if the ice around his heart is thick enough.


Maybe Dak and Trace can help each other find a way to let go of their crushing pasts and crack the ice protecting their hearts. That is, if they don’t strangle each other first!


First 250 words

Shivering I focus on the mist of my breath as I blow out a big puff of air. This rink is cold—colder. Maybe it’s just my newfound, uncharacteristic fear making it seem like it is. The tons of championship hockey and figure skating banners that decorate the perimeter walls of the rink stand out in the glaring overhead lights. Here I am. New school. New skating team. New beginning. I have to make this work: take what I’ve learned, make some changes in my life, and move forward.

There are only a couple of skaters on the ice and they’re hockey players, not figure skaters. One of them pushes past me as he comes off the ice. I hear him say, “Excuse me sweetheart.” But I don’t look at him or acknowledge his comment. I just move out of his way.

Standing there, I pinch my eyes closed, trying to think about what I’ve learned and how I want things to change in the future. Wait. What have I learned besides the fact that love sucks?

I thought I knew all about the—so-called—fuzzy, warm, wonderful, things called love. I so didn’t. I thought I knew what I wanted—what my future held. Nope. I used to be self-assured and completely confident. When I stood in an arena, waiting to perform, I was ready. No nerves. No apprehension. No intimidation. I knew what I needed to do and I did it. It was just my music, the smooth glistening ice and me.



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